April 27th, 2021

How to find a job in UAE in 30 Days

Here it is! A series of 30 videos to help you with your job search in UAE! Tips, tricks, and strategies that you must follow to achieve new heights in your career. Do you want to know more? Watch our 30 days series below:

#DAY1 Know what you are looking for: Identify your strengths, and preferences, and align them with suitable job roles in UAE.

#DAY2 Create your career strategy: Plan your career goals and design a roadmap to secure a job in UAE.

#DAY3 Organise your search time: Learn how to efficiently manage your time for an effective job search in the UAE.

#DAY4 Elevator Sales Pitch: Master the art of self-promotion and learn how to deliver a compelling elevator pitch for UAE employers.

#DAY5 Personal branding: Build a strong personal brand that distinguishes you in the UAE job market.

#DAY6 Prepare your promotional tools: Equip yourself with promotional tools like a professional CV and LinkedIn profile.

#DAY7 Follow a search strategy: Implement a strategic approach to streamline your job search in the UAE.

#DAY8 Be online: Understand the power of online presence in amplifying your job hunt efforts.

#DAY9 Use your network: Utilise your existing connections to uncover hidden job opportunities in the UAE.

#DAY10 Cover letter?, yes or no?: Determine the importance of a cover letter in your UAE job application.

#DAY11 Grow your network: Expand your professional circle to enhance your job prospects in the UAE.

#DAY12 Be ready for your first phone call: Prepare for the initial phone screening, a crucial step in the UAE recruitment process.

#DAY13 Develop your patience: Understand the importance of patience in the job search process and how to stay motivated

#DAY14 Prepare your interview: Get equipped with effective interview strategies to land your dream job in the UAE.

#DAY15 The STAR method: Learn the STAR method to excel in behavioral interviews and showcase your skills effectively.

#DAY16 Motivation and Perseverance: Stay motivated and resilient in your job search journey for a successful outcome.

#DAY17 The famous thank you note: Discover how a simple thank you note can leave a lasting impression on recruiters.

#DAY18 When to follow-up: Understand the optimal time to follow up after an interview to increase your chances of success.

#DAY19 Keep looking for a job: Explore why continuous job search is crucial, even if you have leads or interviews lined up.

#DAY20 How to prepare assessment tests: Ace job assessment tests by understanding their structure and preparing effectively.

#DAY21 Be ready for lengthy interviews: Learn strategies to handle lengthy interviews without losing your cool.

#DAY22 Be ready to fail: Embrace failure as a learning opportunity in your job search journey.

#DAY23 I’m not receiving calls: Troubleshoot the reasons behind not receiving calls from recruiters and how to fix them.

#DAY24 You made it! : Celebrate your job offer and learn the next steps to secure your job in the UAE.

#DAY25 Resigning without an offer letter: Understand the risks of resigning without a job offer in hand and how to navigate it.

#DAY26 Are you ready for the change?: Discover how to smoothly transition into your new role and embrace the change.

#DAY27 The recommendation letter: Understand the importance of a recommendation letter and how to secure a strong one.

#DAY28 Employers are not giving feedback: Learn how to handle situations where employers don’t provide interview feedback.

#DAY29 How to get a reply from a recruiter: Discover strategies to increase your chances of getting a response from recruiters.

#DAY30 Warning illegal practice: Identify illegal job practices in the UAE and learn how to protect yourself.

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Jose P Varghese
Jose P Varghese
2 years ago


Mudasir Ahmad
2 years ago

After watching the videos, I understand that the “what” is discussed rather than the “how.”