February 1st, 2021

A day in the life of a successful recruiter

A successful day for any recruiter started yesterday. Whether you have a good day or not depends on the sum of your efforts carried out the day, week, or even the month before.

I like to look at it in a simple formula: Success = activity x quality of activity x target market
It’s simple, we need to be active in whatever profession, sport, hobby, or business we take part in to become proficient or successful at it. You wouldn’t pick up a tennis racket for the first time and expect to hit an Ace, would you? The quality of your work or activity then dictates the number of positive outcomes you receive and if you concentrate all your efforts on your target market then you really start to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

Below is a snapshot of a successful recruiter’s day (in no particular order).

  • Focus on building meaningful relationships with candidates and clients
  • Qualify your jobs wisely, understanding that what we spend our time on is critical
  • Spend time with candidates that have a real commitment to move (if employed)
  • Spend time with clients that value your service and view you as a business partner
  • Keep on top of market trends, news, leads and anything else in your target market
  • Build your personal brand through both in-person and online (LinkedIn etc.) connections
  • Perfect your business meeting and candidate interview skills
  • Listen better than ever before and question everything you hear
  • Understand that unless you do enough quality activity, you fail
  • Carve out time to plan for the day ahead

Finally, turn up and have self-belief.

After some time in the market, you should be an expert. Your client may be an Executive Director of a listed company or the CEO of a multi-national conglomerate, but who knows more about the local recruiting market? You or them? Who interviews hundreds of candidates each year? Who negotiates salaries every day? Who knows what motivates staff in today’s marketplace? Who knows the market-rate salaries, and the depth of a particular talent pool?
We do.

You are the expert. People will not believe the message if they do not believe in the messenger. Believe in yourself and, in turn, your client will believe in you too.

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