February 2nd, 2021

How to Encourage Workplace Gratitude

Thanksgiving is the start of the celebration season and is an excellent reminder to bring gratitude into your workplace. Gratitude recognizes how the positive things in our lives, and our office, are often due to the efforts of other people. Communicating gratitude to your colleagues, employees or boss brings so many profound benefits, and doesn’t cost you penny.

Studies have shown that employees who feel appreciated by someone else’s gratitude are more likely to have a higher level of job satisfaction, a greater sense that goals can be achieved, fewer sick days and less stress.

Most organizations show recognition in the form of performance rewards such as promotions or bonus, however a simple thank you given on a regular basis can go a long way to creating a happy work environment. Acknowledging someone’s inherent worth as a person will build a content, emotionally intelligent and empathetic workforce.

Many companies are developing innovative cultures of appreciation & gratitude as they recognize that this culture will transform their workplace. A gratitude culture will build deeper internal connections and creates a place in which employees feel valued and actually want to come to work! You do not necessarily have to spend money on flowers, awards or lunch treats, sometimes a regular but simple word of thanks is enough.

Here are some ways that you can begin to build a culture of gratitude in your workplace:

Start from the Top

Getting business leaders to practice gratitude shows that appreciation and well-being are important from the top down. Your competitors may only celebrate performance, but you can stand out from the crowd by taking the time to also recognize non-performance related good deeds.

Be Consistent

Thankfulness is a key to business health, creating an organizational culture around gratitude comes from consistency. A culture of gratitude is not strategically complex, it is as simple as giving praise for a good deed or a job well done and doing so on a regular basis.

Be Genuine

If a gesture of gratitude isn’t authentic, then the gesture is undermined. Gratitude can’t be forced; it must truly come from the heart and therefore the quality of the gesture is more important than the quantity. Take the time to say thank you – and mean it.

Appreciate Those Behind the Scenes

In any organization there are specific groups of people who regularly receive praise, but don’t forget to thank your unsung heroes. The people who’s consistent hard work, day in & day out, ensures the smooth running of your organization.

Celebrate the Small Wins

Take pause to acknowledge the small successes that help to build the bigger picture of your business. Giving regular positive reinforcement for smaller tasks will motivate employees to keep working hard towards the larger scale business goals.

Show your Love on LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a great way to express your gratitude for your employees or teammates. Endorse the skills of your connections, give a colleague or supplier a glowing testimonial in the form of a recommendation. Engage in the comments on their LinkedIn posts or give kudos for a job well done!

A simple expression of thanks goes a long way to creating an environment in which your employees will feel valued, safe and happy; and a positive atmosphere brings positive results. When something that costs nothing proves to be such a rewarding endeavor, it’s in your best interests to roll out gratitude in your organization! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Bhuvi Kumar
1 year ago

I loved this article of yours thank you so much for putting up this article. The most important point in your article is that we should appreciate our employees for the work we do this impacts them in a good way and they really perform better.