Measurably Better Recruitment

Industry-Leading Retention Rates of 96%

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our FREE replacement policy of up to 12 months. Although, given our overwhelming success rate, it’s unlikely you’ll need it.

Save Upwards of 500K AED per Hire

Between increasing your retention rates and reducing your commercial downtime, expect to see substantial savings of both time and money.

Reduce Your Overall Time-to-Hire

Our candidate pre-assessments will improve your interview-to-hire ratio and give you the confidence to speed up the hiring process.

Easy to use

Symplexi is a digitized, easy-to-use, collaborative tool that engages both client’ and candidates’ participation in the selection process.

Secure Online Access

Employers and candidates are provided with their own secure accounts so information can easily be uploaded and viewed.

Candidate Focused

Candidates can create and upload their own content so they can highlight the elements of their skills and experience they feel are most important.

Candidate Video Assessments

From freeform introductory videos to interview-style Q&As, video technology allows employers to ‘meet’ the candidates remotely.

McQuaig Assessment

From McQuaid Job Surveys to McQuaig Behavioural and Mental agility Tests assessments, allow employers to understand candidates and receive tailor-made, behaviour–based interview questions.

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