February 2nd, 2021

How to improve your chances of closing a deal

When it comes to recruitment, one of the most critical stages in the process has to be the closing stage. Make no mistake, closing does not only happen during the tail end of the process, but actually plays a major role in securing the deal.

Here we will be highlighting a few tried and tested techniques used by recruiters to ensure a smooth and efficient process, which can be applicable to just about any industry or practice.

Before getting started, let’s define the term ‘closing’. In simple terms, closing a candidate simply means making sure that when presented with an offer, the candidate will surely sign on the dotted line. Any recruiter will tell you that having an offer letter rejected is enough to make them cry! Here are some steps to minimize that risk.

Learn your ABCs

As previously stated, the single biggest mistake a recruiter can make is to leave the closing for the end of the process. There is a popular slogan known as “Always Be Closing,” or ABC. While this may sound slightly harsh or bullish, it simply refers to the practice of checking in with your candidate, assessing their thoughts and feelings, all while being receptive to them. For instance, asking the candidate directly: “If my client makes you an offer right now, how would you feel?” This not only helps gauge their mindset about such an opportunity, but also sparks more tangibility in the situation. This habit is a sure way of identifying and resolving potential objections early on.

KYC: Know Your Candidate

It is important to address the fact that closing is not about manipulation. Rather, it is about understanding your candidate’s needs, and being able to convey persuasively that this offer would be able to best meet their needs. Good recruiters take the time to truly understand their candidates’ motivations and points of pain, utilizing them to find the best possible opportunity. This knowledge comes in handy when it comes to closing, as it can be used to highlight what an impact this offer would have on their lives, careers, and wellbeing according to their specific needs. This means that each and every case would be slightly different. So the moral of the story is: listen to your candidates.

Keep in Touch

Communication is key during the recruitment process, and the last thing we want is to be blindsided with a significant change in the candidate’s thoughts or expectations. There is no such thing as a linear process and keeping in touch with candidates regularly not only instills comfort and trust between you, but also allows recruiters to smooth out any bumps along the way. This is done by following up before and after interviews, confirming interest levels, and going over any questions or concerns they have in a timely manner.

This also includes catching up with the candidate even if there are no updates, as this shows that you haven’t forgotten about them. Building such a relationship is crucial to gaining a candidate’s trust, and we all know that we wouldn’t want to disappoint someone we trust.

These are just three out of the many ways of ensuring a smooth deal, but the most important part of all is to do what works for you and your candidate. These are techniques that not only benefit you as a recruiter, but also help candidates see with clarity what the right choice is for them. Removing obstacles and smoothing over bumps helps to ensure that they are secure with making the best decision for them.

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