January 13th, 2023

What is Retained Recruitment and What are the Benefits?

Retained recruitment, also known as retained search, is a recruitment method in which an employer pays a fee to a recruitment agency in advance in exchange for exclusive access to the agency’s services. In a retained search, the best recruitment agencies in Dubai would work closely with the employer to identify and attract top talent for a specific position or set of positions. Recruitment agencies can be specific to a sector, such as banking recruitment agencies or financial services recruitment agencies, as well as executive recruitment agencies, all of which can be found in Dubai. For examples, executive search firms specialize in placing highly qualified candidates in Dubai in executive level positions. Some benefits of retained recruitment include:

  • Exclusive Access to Top Talent:

Top recruitment agencies in Dubai often have access to a wider pool of highly qualified candidates, as they are able to devote more time and resources to the search for jobs in Dubai. This can be especially beneficial for employers looking for hard-to-find or highly specialized candidates who are looking for jobs in Dubai or the UAE as whole.

  • A More Personalized And Consultative Approach:

In a retained search, the recruitment agency acts as a strategic partner, working closely with the employer to understand their specific needs and goals. This can lead to a more personalized and consultative approach to the recruitment process.

  • Greater Control And Transparency:

Because the employer is paying a fee upfront, they have more control over the recruitment process and can have more visibility into the search for job vacancies in Dubai. This can help to ensure that the agency is focusing on the right candidates and working efficiently.

  • Higher Success Rate:

Retained recruitment agencies often have a higher success rate in filling job vacancies in Dubai compared to contingency agencies, as they are able to devote more time and resources to the search.

  • Stronger Employer Brand:

Retained recruitment agencies can also help employers to build and enhance their employer brand, which can make them more attractive to top talent.


Overall, the benefits of retained recruitment include access to top talent, a more personalized and consultative approach, greater control and transparency, a higher success rate, and the potential to enhance an employer’s brand.

Job seekers can also make benefit of professional resume writing services in Dubai. When applying to job vacancies in Dubai, it is important to have a professional CV on hand and using CV services, the best CV writers in Dubai can help tailor your CV to make the candidate more attractive to recruiters.

Recruitment in the UAE, especially in Dubai, may be a time-consuming process, what with the availability of job seekers and jobs in general, but the best recruitment agencies and CV writing services in Dubai can help facilitate the process and fill available job vacancies with top talent.

For more insights and to discuss if retained recruitment will work for your business, please reach out to us at info@markwilliams.ae.

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