February 2nd, 2021

How to sell yourself to a job opportunity in a challenging market

Even the best sales professionals can struggle to sell themselves properly in an interview. It is difficult to balance the speech and self-promote in a convincing manner. As per our experience, a lot of impressive candidates feel discomfort with self-promotion. Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t used talking about ourselves! In our everyday tasks, we rarely detail our strengths, accomplishments or skills.

The great news here is that it is possible to learn some tips to “sell yourself” in a way that makes you shine and feel authentic. Our team has prepared some tips to help you to close the sale on a job offer with confidence. Are you ready?

Research, research and research.

Invest time to understand the company, their values, their latest achievements and management. If they have products, try their products or if they provide any service, visit them if possible (an example, if you are applying to a Museum, you must visit before the interview!). You have a lot of sources to explore: visit their website, social channels, read their vision and mission statements, be aware of their recent press releases and any initiatives that you can find in their latest news.

Read carefully the job description and understand what they are looking for and emphasize how you fit those requirements. Why are you a great match? Can you share impressive achievements related to any skill or requirement? If you have doubts about the company, profile or how to target yourself, contact your consultant. They can help you in this process.

Prepare example of achievements

Be prepare with meaningful anecdotes that have made a positive impact on your current or any previous business and quantify the results. “Numbers and metrics sell” and therefore is important to use hard numbers when you describe an accomplishment. Instead of saying “I lead a successful project in accounting” say: “The project that I led reduced costs by 20%”.

Be proactive with this action and gather as much as examples possible to the skills and requirements stated in the job description. You must demonstrate that you are the right fit for the position and there is nothing more important than facts.

It is normal to feel weird at the beginning with this selling process. Sit down, write your examples and practice several times. Gain confident with your practice in front of a mirror and practice until it feels natural. When are you going to use these examples? Mainly during your strengths, role descriptions, behavioural stories.

Tailor your professional value proposal

Create a 30 to 60 seconds self-introduction tailor-made for the interview. This is an elevator pitch where you present yourself as the solution to their problems. For this, look closely at the job description and assess the company’s need and the job responsibilities. Use your research to emphasize what matters most to the company and practice in front of a mirror.

Ask interesting questions.

We are pretty sure that after all the research that you have done related to the company and job itself, questions will not be a problem. Try to select the good questions that offer values to your profile.

It is important that you express interest in what the company is currently working on. Updated questions will be appreciated by your interviewer.

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