February 2nd, 2021

How to Nail a Video Interview

Due to the current situation related to the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19), many UAE organisations are leveraging video interview technology to ensure they can continue to recruit top talent. This is something we may see more and more in the UAE as a way to continue to safely recruit as the situation develops. If you’ve never been asked to participate in a video interview for a job vacancy, you will be soon. Ensure you’re ready to get in front of the camera by following these video interview tips.


Continue to prepare for your video interview in the same way you would for a face to face interview. Research the company and the role, get into an achievement led mindset and be prepared to sell yourself. Organisations that are still hiring will be focused on revenue generation or cost containment, so ensure you can verbalise a proven track record of saving costs and growing revenue during critical periods.

Test the Technology

The day before your interview, run a technical trial to ensure that the app or plugin that you will be using works and is compatible with your laptop and Wi-Fi. Do a trial run with a friend to check your laptop camera, microphone and your Wi-Fi speed so that you have enough time to make adjustments if your equipment is not working. Ensure your laptop has a full charge on the day.

Project the Right Image

Dress as you would for a face to face interview, by reflecting your best professional image you will feel confident right from the start. Ensure you have the best camera angle by raising your laptop up to be level with your head.

Be Free of Distractions

Find a quiet location in your home that is free from distractions of family members or housemates. Avoid holding the video interview in a public space as any background noise will be distracting and may throw you off your game. Check that your background is clutter free, a plain white wall and natural light is ideal. Turn off your phone, put a do not disturb sign on your doorbell and shut off email alerts.

Be Early & Be Prepared

Log in up to 10 minutes ahead of time, to ensure your app or software is connected and working smoothly, then take those 10 minutes to focus on calm breathing. Have a copy of your CV and your key achievements printed off so that you can refer to them if necessary, however try not to look like you are reading from a script. Let the conversation flow naturally.

Make a Human Connection

When interviewing remotely, it can often feel like there is an element of separation. Try to bridge this by finding a common connection at the start of the conversation, use ice breakers just as you would do in person. Building an initial rapport will help to put you at ease.

Eye Contact

Look directly at the camera rather than the screen or your own photo, as it can be easy for your eyes to wander when you are communicating via a screen. Keep good posture, sit up straight and ensure you are in a comfortable chair that stops you from slouching.

Speak Clearly

Project your voice, talking clearly so that the microphone picks you up clearly, you don’t want the interviewer to be straining to hear you and miss key points. Remember there may be connection delays so pause once you have given your answer to give the interviewer time to respond.

End Strong

As you would if you were interviewing face-to-face, end by thanking the interviewer for the opportunity at the end of the video call. Briefly reinforce why you are keen on the role and highlight any points they raised during the video interview that resonated with you.

Need more Interview Advice?

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