February 2nd, 2021

# RECRUITMENT TIPS The importance of the department structure

We are launching our new section called RECRUITMENT TIPS! A virtual place where our consultants will share with you their experiences, their tips & learnings during all their career.

To inagurate this space, our Managing Director Christopher Cornwall shares with us THE IMPORTANCE OF THE DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE during an interview. As a Human Resources professional, are you asking about the department structure of the previous jobs of your candidates?


*Obtaining department structure from the candidates we are speaking with, it’s hugely important in terms of understanding their level of seniority within the team which can often be misleading compared to their job titles.

It also gives us a very good understanding as to what the candidates have covered and possibly more importantly what they haven’t covered within the the team as well.

All of this information gives us a very good picture as to whether the candidate is going to be right for the roles we are putting them forwards for.*

Mark Williams is an award-winning recruitmetn agency focused on fulfilling clients’ needs in Emiratisation and Financial Services related position within the United Arab Emirates. The initial focus was looking at Emiratisation into the Financial Services sector across all seven Emirates.

With an increased demand for over the subsequent years for Emiratisation we have broadened our scope to place UAE Nationals into Industry & Government with dedicated teams for Emiratisation into Financial Services and Industry. Given our focus is primarily on the local market it gives us a depth of understanding & knowledge that enables us to deliver our business partners an unrivalled service in terms of speed and most importantly, quality.

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