May 3rd, 2023

Climbing the Emiratisation Ladder: Strategies for Boosting Your Salary and Advancing in the UAE Market

In recent years, the UAE has focused on Emiratisation to support and empower local talent, driving sustainable development and strengthening economic growth. As an Emirati or a professional seeking to climb the Emiratisation ladder, it’s essential to adopt key strategies for success. Let’s explore actionable steps you can take to boost your salary and advance in the UAE market, alongside relevant statistics.

Embrace lifelong learning: The UAE aims to build a knowledge-based economy, and one way to achieve this is by encouraging a culture of learning. Continuous professional development is essential for career growth. By pursuing certifications, attending workshops, and participating in industry conferences, you’ll become more competitive in the market. Education in the UAE has taken center stage, with 15.5% of the $17.1 billion federal budget for 2023 dedicated to this vital sector. This commitment highlights the country’s focus on nurturing a proficient workforce. The UAE’s “National Strategy for Higher Education 2030” further underlines this goal by aiming to equip future generations with the technical and practical skills required to thrive in a competitive labor market.

Network strategically: Networking is critical for personal and professional growth in the UAE. Building connections with industry experts, attending events, and joining professional associations can help you stay updated on market trends and job opportunities. A LinkedIn survey revealed that 85% of job vacancies are filled through networking, emphasizing the importance of maintaining strong relationships.

Leverage Emiratisation initiatives: The UAE government offers various programs and initiatives to support Emiratisation. These include training, skill development, and financial incentives. As an Emirati, take advantage of these resources to enhance your skills and marketability. By participating in these initiatives, you increase your chances of securing a higher salary and career advancement.

Develop your personal brand: In the age of digital connectivity, your online presence plays a significant role in career advancement. Establish a strong personal brand by showcasing your skills, experience, and achievements on professional platforms such as LinkedIn. In a recent study, 92% of recruiters used social media to find candidates, highlighting the importance of a polished online profile.

Adapt to the changing job market: The UAE job market is continuously evolving, with emerging sectors such as renewable energy, fintech, and AI offering new opportunities. Stay informed about market trends and proactively develop skills relevant to growing industries. According to the UAE’s Ministry of Economy, the non-oil sector contributed 70% to the country’s GDP in 2021, indicating a diversifying economy and the need for adaptable professionals.

Climbing the Emiratisation ladder requires a combination of skill development, strategic networking, personal branding, and adaptability. By embracing these key emiratisation strategies strategies, you’ll position yourself for success in the UAE’s competitive job market, increasing your earning potential and advancing your career. Emiratisation is not only about securing jobs for locals but also about creating a resilient, innovative, and diverse workforce that drives the UAE’s sustainable development and global competitiveness.

Mark Williams has established itself as a leader in Emiratisation by embracing its vision and mission of being the Middle East’s top recruitment partner. Through exceptional executive search expertise, trust-based relationships, and a collaborative approach, we empower organizations to achieve their full potential. Our dedication to providing tailored talent acquisition solutions and encouraging long-lasting partnerships showcases our steady commitment to the region’s growth and success.

To learn more about the latest Emiratisation initiatives in the UAE and to assess whether your organization is effectively implementing Emiratisation in its hiring practices, feel free to contact us at

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