June 19th, 2023

Best Practices For Fostering an Inclusive Environment for Emirati Talent

Emiratisation is like a big puzzle, and it’s all about helping the UAE Nationals get jobs. It can be tricky because you need to understand the culture and be respectful. It’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about doing it in a way that shows you care about UAE’s people and traditions. Through Emiratisation, you’ll not only help enrich your team with Emirati talent, but also foster an environment where this talent can thrive, contributing positively to your organisation and the UAE’s broader vision.

Companies desiring to attract, hire, onboard, and retain Emirati employees must extend beyond the routine HR protocols. The important details of Emirati culture, which are crucial for success, require that everyone is included, people communicate openly, and everyone is proud of their country.

Attracting Emirati Talent

The first step in creating an Emirati-ready workplace is understanding what will attract Emirati talents. Rooted in a deep sense of national pride, Emiratis are driven by contributing to the UAE’s economy and growth. Highlighting your company’s involvement in strengthening the UAE’s economic landscape can spark interest in prospective Emirati candidates.

A well-articulated candidate attraction document is crucial. This should provide a comprehensive view of the company’s mission, vision, values, key personnel, and where the candidate will fit into this plan. Additionally, present a clear picture of career development prospects including rotation programs, salary increments, and job security.

Emiratis are well-suited for a wide variety of roles in diverse industries, showing a keen interest in opportunities that promise personal and professional growth. They value a work environment that respects their culture, promotes flexibility, and provides competitive compensation. By ensuring these elements, companies can attract Emirati talent and foster their development effectively.

Hiring Emiratis: A Strategic Approach

Hiring Emirati talent requires a shift in mentality. It is essential to engage your candidates, and even the CEO, to express the company’s commitment to Emiratisation. The hiring process should respect cultural sensitivities. Companies in financial services should understand the differences between Islamic and non-Islamic banking practices. It’s worth noting that the candidate’s family, mentors, and social circles may influence their decision-making process.

Considering hiring more than one Emirati can provide mutual support in adjusting to a new work environment. An ideal hire should balance skills, personality, and attitude, fostering an environment conducive to their growth and development.

Onboarding Emiratis: Preparation is Key

Creating an inclusive workplace for Emiratis begins with effective onboarding. Infrastructure like Nafis and Pension schemes (ADPF & GPSSA) should be set up. The onboarding process should integrate Emirati hires into the organisational culture, possibly via a buddy system or mentorship program. Make note of compulsory national service for males when hiring graduates, and ensure all legal documents, including declaration letters, are in order.

Retaining Emirati Talent

Retention strategies should focus on personal growth, career advancement, and inclusive work culture. Implement rotation programs, offer international rotations, and provide clear career development plans. Make them feel valued, engaged, and an integral part of the business, not just a number.

Look at the banking sector; many banks now have Emirati CEOs, demonstrating a commitment to Emiratisation. Establishing mentorship programs and graduate programs are other effective strategies.

Quick Tips for Success

  • Emiratisation is a long-term commitment, plan with a strategic and long-term view.
  • Seek stakeholder engagement, particularly from the CEO.
  • Respect that males must complete national service before turning 30. If exempt, obtain the exemption letter at the start.
  • Emirati’s passport, along with the family book, are vital identification documents.
  • Building a network for referrals and maintaining a solid reputation is crucial.

Mark Williams, an internationally awarded recruitment agency, has excelled in Emiratisation, with a success rate of 92% in UAE national placements and 94% continuation of employment. Achieving Emiratisation success is a strategic and thoughtful process, underpinned by respect for Emirati culture, tradition, and values. It demands an authentic commitment to creating an Emirati-ready workplace, not just compliance with a legal framework.

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