December 5th, 2023

Top Questions to Expect from a Recruiter During Your First Screening Call

When stepping into the job market, one of the key steps is the first screening call with a recruiter. Understanding the questions to expect from a recruiter can significantly enhance your preparedness and confidence. In this blog, we’ll explore some crucial questions to expect from a recruiter during this initial conversation, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle them effectively.

  • Educational Background Inquiry: Can You Briefly Describe Your Educational Background?

One of the primary questions to expect from a recruiter revolves around your educational background. This is your moment to shine by articulating your choice of major, discussing noteworthy projects or theses, and underscoring any significant academic achievements. Your response should illustrate how your educational experiences have prepared you for the professional world.

education background questions

  • Current Role and Responsibilities: What Does Your Typical Day at Work Entail?

Another common question to expect from a recruiter pertains to your current job. Be ready to discuss your typical workday, including your duties, responsibilities, and any notable projects. This helps the recruiter gauge how your skills and experiences align with potential job opportunities. For instance, if you’re in a managerial role, you might detail how you lead your team, coordinate projects, and contribute to organizational goals.

  • Salary Discussion: Please Elaborate on Your Current and Expected Salary

Salary is always a critical topic in recruitment processes. When a recruiter asks about your salary, they’re trying to match your financial expectations with potential roles. Be transparent about your current earnings and your expectations for future roles, including any additional benefits like bonuses or allowances. This clarity helps ensure that the roles you’re considered for are aligned with your financial goals.

  • Job Search Status: What Does Your Job Search Activity Look Like?

Lastly, recruiters often inquire about your job search activity. This includes discussions about companies you are currently interviewing with and your overall motivation for seeking new opportunities. It’s important to be open and honest in this part of the conversation. Sharing your job search status helps the recruiter understand your urgency and preferences, enabling them to tailor their search effectively.

job search questions

Bonus Tip: Sharing Your Updated CV

It’s essential to provide your updated CV to the recruiter. Even if they don’t have the right role for you immediately, your CV, combined with the information from your screening call, enables them to contact you when a suitable opportunity arises. Ensure your CV is current, highlighting your most recent experiences and achievements.

The first screening call with a recruiter is more than just a formality; it’s a foundational step in your career progression. By preparing for these questions, you can present a clear and compelling picture of your professional background and career aspirations. Remember, this call is not just about the recruiter assessing you; it’s also an opportunity for you to gauge the potential of future opportunities they may bring to you. Good luck!

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