January 3rd, 2024

Q4 Newsletter – Mark Williams

As we recently closed the final chapter of an eventful 2023 year, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable journey we’ve embarked on at Mark Williams. The last quarter of 2023, like the ones preceding it, has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the recruitment sector.

A Pioneering Career Fair for UAE Nationals
One of our most significant achievements this year was the organisation of our second private, closed-door career fair exclusively for UAE Nationals. This event not only showcased our dedication to fostering local talent but also highlighted our ability to meet the specific needs of our clients and candidates. The participation of numerous prestigious companies and their satisfaction with our pre-screened, high-caliber candidates underscored the success of this initiative.

uae nationals career fair

Celebrating Our Rising Stars
The fourth quarter also brought joy and pride to our team, as we celebrated the growth and accomplishments of our young talent. Our interns, Gouri Prakash and Meghaa Nair, transitioned seamlessly into permanent roles as Associate-Emiratisation Practice and Associate-Strategy Practice, respectively.

Additionally, Fathima Quraishi’s promotion to Senior Associate-Technology and Melissa D’Souza’s to Senior Associate-Investment Practice were not just personal achievements but also reflective of our nurturing work culture that encourages and supports career development.

promotions in q4

Enhancing Brand Presence through Strategic Marketing
This year marked a significant leap in our brand presence, thanks to our innovative marketing strategies. Our marketing team worked in close collaboration with our consultants to ensure that our messaging resonated with our clients across digital channels. This synergy between marketing and consultancy not only amplified our brand’s voice but also facilitated quality conversations between our consultants and clients. By leveraging digital platforms effectively, we’ve managed to initiate more meaningful engagements and establish stronger client relationships, which have been instrumental in our overall growth.

marketing sales collaboration

Recognition and Awards: A Testament to Our Excellence
This year was particularly special as we found ourselves as finalists in three prestigious awards at the Tiara Awards 2023: Best Company for Emiratisation, The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Award, and Best SME to Work For (under 50 employees). Our pride knew no bounds when we emerged victorious in two of these categories, winning the Best Company for Emiratisation and the DE&I awards.

The accolades from the Tiara Awards represent a dual purpose: a moment of celebration and a prompt for continued action. For Mark Williams, this isn’t just a finishing line, but rather a milestone in our enduring pursuit of excellence and inclusivity. Peering into the future, we find ourselves energised by the upcoming challenges and prospects that await us.

tiara awards 2023

A Festive Conclusion to the Year
Our spectacular Christmas celebration stood out as a memorable highlight of the quarter, representing much more than just an end-of-year gathering. The event kicked off with a fun secret Santa gift exchange followed by a highly successful sales day. This crucial business component was effectively bolstered by insights gathered from a comprehensive client survey, allowing us to deeply understand market trends and client needs.

As the day progressed, the atmosphere shifted from business to celebration. The evening was marked by a luxurious yacht party, an exquisite setting that provided the perfect backdrop for our team to unwind and revel in the year’s accomplishments. This gathering wasn’t just about festive cheer; it was a celebration of the hard work, dedication, and success that our team collectively achieved throughout the year.

year end party

Surpassing Goals: A Collective Triumph
Perhaps the crowning glory of our year was the phenomenal achievement of exceeding our yearly targets. This success is attributed to the relentless efforts of all our consultants, with a special mention to our top biller, Dean Wall (Head of Investment Practice), and Q3 trailblazer, Marvin Verances (Head of Emiratisation Practice). Their outstanding performance not only contributed to our success but also set new benchmarks for excellence within our company.

recruitment consultants

Looking Ahead with Optimism
As we step into the new year, we do so with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. The successes and milestones of this quarter, and indeed the entire year, lay the foundation for our future endeavors. We remain committed to upholding our standards of excellence, nurturing talent, and contributing to the growth of the UAE’s workforce.

quote from ceo

The final quarter of 2023 has been nothing short of inspirational. It was a period marked by significant achievements, joyous celebrations, and well-deserved recognition. As we enter 2024, we eagerly anticipate the new opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Together, we move forward with confidence, ready to scale new heights and continue making a difference in the world of recruitment.

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