October 23rd, 2023

Q3 Newsletter 2023

Greetings from the Mark Williams family! Our Q3 newsletter aims to be a window into our world, showcasing the myriad milestones, growth spurts, and stories we’ve woven together over the past three months. As the seasons change, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, reflected in our diverse array of achievements. From welcoming fresh faces to celebrating the successes of our interns-turned-full-timers, this quarter was truly special.

A Deeper Dive into Q3 Highlights

  • Evolving Team Dynamics: Mark Williams’ strength has always stemmed from its team. This quarter, we proudly welcomed Ray Chola and Sonny Meddle. Ray, with her flair for graphic design, has amplified our brand resonance across digital platforms, while Sonny’s rich expertise from the UK in technology recruitment adds depth to our recruitment spectrum.

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  • Brand Enrichment Initiatives: This quarter was a testament to our marketing team’s relentless spirit. Beyond routine activities, the team has actively orchestrated webinars, bolstered our online presence, and nurtured partnerships that align with our brand’s ethos, like the one with DWTC.
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  • Embracing Emiratisation: Our dedication to the Emiratisation initiative culminated in the launch of emiratisationrecruitment.com. This portal stands as a testament to our 14-year commitment to recruiting and placing UAE nationals, serving as a comprehensive hub for employers and job seekers alike.

    mark williams emiratisation guide

Company Chronicles and Updates

The narrative of Mark Williams is enriched by the stories of its team members. This quarter, two shining examples of dedication and hard work have been Fathima Quraishi and Melissa D’Souza. Starting as interns, they have beautifully transitioned into permanent roles within our Strategy Recruitment and Financial Services Recruitment teams, respectively. Their growth stories exemplify our belief in nurturing talent to its fullest potential.

mark williams interns

In terms of collaborations, our partnership with the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) for the RU’YA Career Fair 2023 was a significant highlight. This engagement not only allowed us to interact with a diverse talent pool but also enriched our upcoming Emiratisation market report. It’s collaborations like these that underline our brand’s commitment to industry-leading initiatives.

mark williams at ruya career fair

Empowering Through Resources

For Job Seekers: The job market is in perpetual flux. Especially given the momentum of the Emiratisation initiative, it’s essential for job seekers to be agile and informed. We facilitate this through our regularly updated content – be it in the form of guidelines for impactful CVs, interview tips, or in-depth market reports that sketch out the evolving job landscape.

For Hiring Managers: We understand that the challenge of hiring is multifaceted. To this end, we offer articles and resources that help managers refine their recruitment strategies, from identifying the right talent to ensuring their long-term retention. We also address advanced topics like leveraging technology in HR, managing organizational change, and effective succession planning.

The Power of Webinars at Mark Williams

At Mark Williams, the significance of genuine, live interactions cannot be overstated. Our webinars are curated to serve as dynamic intersections where industry wisdom meets eager minds, facilitating the free exchange of ideas, nurturing relationships, and promoting networking.

Delving into this quarter’s standout webinars:

Outlook on MENA’s Investment Landscape: Salaries and Global Talent:

    • Speaker: Dean Wall, Head of Financial Services Practice.
    • Synopsis: This webinar offered a detailed overview of the evolving investment landscape in the MENA region, touching upon pivotal aspects such as current salary trends and the global talent pool. Dean’s insights, coupled with his vast experience in the financial services domain, provided participants with a holistic view, helping them anticipate shifts and strategize accordingly.

      mark williams investment webinar

      Demystifying Emiratisation and Exploring Best Practices:

      • Speaker: Marvin Verances, Head of Emiratisation Practice.
      • Synopsis: The session aimed at shedding light on the Emiratisation initiative, clearing prevalent misconceptions, and offering actionable best practices for effective implementation. The interactive dialogue also brought to the fore success stories of key Emirati leaders in the private sector, serving as both inspiration and a testament to the initiative’s success.

        mark williams emiratisation webinar

Through these sessions, Mark Williams continues its legacy of fostering dialogues that matter, bridging knowledge gaps, and cultivating an environment where informed decision-making is the norm. Each webinar, unique in its theme and depth, reiterates our commitment to staying connected with our community, updating them with the latest trends, and offering platforms for collaborative growth.

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