August 1st, 2023

Mark Williams Q2 Newsletter 2023

A warm welcome to our Mark Williams Q2  newsletter 2023. As always, we are excited to share with you the fruits of another successful quarter. This past season was filled with several significant achievements. We hit our Q2 target, celebrated the promotions of three outstanding team members, and cheered on as our colleagues Ashhar Ali and Anupama Santosh made their first placements with their own clients. We also watched proudly as our interns shined in their engagement roles. Furthermore, our marketing team, which expanded this quarter, achieved a significant milestone by reaching 100K followers on LinkedIn, improving our brand identity, and organising insightful webinars and career fairs that received positive feedback from our esteemed clients. 

Q2 Highlights

  • The recent quarter presented us with numerous opportunities, primarily driven by a rise in client requests due to the Emiratisation initiative.​ 
  • Our brand witnessed significant growth and trust, as evidenced by the increased utilisation of our white-label platform for retainers.​ 
  • This growth stands testament to our ability to provide resilient and adaptable recruitment services tailored to each client’s needs.​ 
  • Our marketing team outperformed expectations this quarter by planning and executing successful webinars and a career fair.​ 
  • These events served as platforms for us to disseminate industry insights and trends, amplify our brand’s core values, and foster a productive networking environment.​ 

As a result of these concerted efforts, we saw our LinkedIn community flourish, reaching an impressive milestone of 100K followers.

Q2 highlights

Company News and  Updates

In Q2, team building took a front seat with our fun-filled “Bounce” and  “Emiratisation” events. Fostering a culture that values teamwork and camaraderie, we celebrated birthdays and other special occasions together, strengthening our bonds and enhancing our collaborative spirit.​ 

Staying true to our commitment to support Emiratisation, we utilised our expertise to align with this national initiative. By providing quality recruitment solutions, we were able to aid in driving the UAE’s vision of empowering local talent.​ 

team building activities


Tips and Resources 

Over the course of the quarter, we’ve focused on not only building our own team but also on providing resources and advice to help job seekers and hiring managers excel in their roles. Our ongoing commitment to fostering growth and sharing knowledge has led us to produce and curate a variety of insightful materials.​ 

For Job Seekers​ 

One of our key focuses is helping job seekers understand the shifting dynamics of the job market, especially considering the Emiratisation initiative. We provide several blog posts offering guidance on crafting impactful CVs, preparing for interviews, and understanding what potential employers are looking for in candidates. In addition, we offer insights into emerging industries, trends, and skills that are in demand, and how to position yourself for these opportunities through our yearly market reports. We encourage you to regularly visit our blog and use these resources to navigate your job search more effectively.​ 

Job Seekers

For Hiring Managers​ 

For hiring managers, our resources concentrate on perfecting the recruitment process and building effective teams. We provide articles on how to identify and attract top talent, improve interview techniques, and nurture an inclusive and motivating work environment. We also delve into strategic topics such as succession planning, managing change, and leveraging technology in HR processes.​ 

Webinars and Career Fairs 

Our webinars and career fairs are further resources you should take advantage of. These events are designed to provide real-time interaction with industry experts, broadening your knowledge, and enhancing your network. They offer first-hand insights into industry trends, skills development, and career progression strategies.​ 

Online Platforms 

Our online platforms provide a constant flow of information, job updates, and industry trends. Specifically, our LinkedIn page is a wealth of information, featuring articles, videos, and discussions relevant to job seekers and hiring managers alike.​ 

We invite you to take full advantage of these resources, and we welcome your feedback as it helps us in crafting future content that is both relevant and impactful. At Mark Williams, we are committed to not just finding the right job or candidate for you, but also to empowering you with knowledge and skills that enhance your career progression or team development.​ 

Reach out to us

We invite you to reach out with any queries you might have, or for more information about our services at Follow us on  LinkedIn and visit our website to stay updated with industry trends and Mark Williams’ news. We believe in the power of community and networking, so feel free to refer your friends or colleagues to us.​ 

As we forge ahead into the next quarter, we promise to uphold this commitment, continually adapting and evolving to meet your recruitment needs.​ 


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