February 2nd, 2021

How to boost your sense of self-worth during your job search

Job hunting can be a real test of confidence, it is scary putting yourself out there and having to deal with potential rejection. You need to have a strong sense of self-worth in order to keep your spirits high during your search. Feelings of unworthiness can hamper your ability to shine and limit you from aiming for the job you deserve.

But what exactly is self-worth, and how can you use your job hunt to boost it? Having a sense of self-worth means that you value yourself as a good person who deserves to be treated with respect, it is manifested through feelings of pride and self-acceptance.

The right mindset is key during the job search process, and self-worth is an essential building block for success. When giving career advice we will often brush aside the emotional side of job hunting with platitudes such as “stay positive”…. “don’t be put off by rejections”…. “keep going”…. Whilst these words are often given with the best intentions, and may momentarily boost your morale, you should ultimately take a step back before you embark on your job search this year to realise that you are valuable and deserve to push yourself to achieve more in your career.

How to boost your self-worth during your job search:

List Your Achievements

Most of us are our own worst critic, it is easier to recall our failures than our accomplishments. Sit down and write a list of all your achievements in each of your jobs. Be specific; listing metrics, KPIs, measurable outcomes, business impact, cost savings or key projects. Taking stock of your career achievements will have the triple benefit of boosting your sense of self-worth, giving you the building blocks for an achievements focused CV and ensure you are prepared for today’s achievement-based interviews.

Seek Positive Feedback

Positive reinforcement from people you value is empowering and morale boosting. Ask the people that know you the best to list your positive traits and unique skills. Request LinkedIn recommendations by reaching out to colleagues, clients and previous managers and ask them to write a few words about you. Send an email to former employers to let them know they may be receiving reference requests, this can be a great way to connect and let them know you are open to hearing of opportunities, you never know who they may connect you with in the process.

Set Micro-Goals

Setting smaller realistic goals for your job hunt, rather than the overwhelming end-goal of securing that dream job, will allow you to frequently reach milestones and help you to feel more confident and inspired. When we achieve our goals, we can truly believe in ourselves; which in turn helps us to boost our sense of self-worth

Prioritise Your Applications & Interviews

Knowing your self-worth means valuing to whom you dedicate your time and energy, and prioritise your applications and interview requests accordingly. Ask yourself how you feel about the company, what does your gut tell you about the role, can you see yourself working there? Give more time and focus to leads which are aligned with your goals.

Job hunting can be an emotional roller-coaster in which you may face stressful challenges, uncertainty and self-doubt. Boosting your self-worth isn’t an easy fix. Support yourself through this process by taking pride in your achievements, seeking out positive encouragement and placing value on your time.

Believe in yourself and know that you have everything you need to secure the job of your dreams!

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