Why hiring speed matters

Why hiring speed matters

Speed matters. We know that hiring takes time and the hiring speed can be reduced due to bottlenecks, but a slow recruitment process may affect your business. Below are three reasons to increase your hiring speed.

1. Company’s reputation

A slow decision-makeing company will lose talented candidates. This will be translated into bad reviews in Google, Glassdoor or Linkedin that will impact your brand image as potential employers.

2. Hiring cost

Having an HR team and team dealing with the hiring process (3-4 staff involved in an interview) means cost.

3. Acceptance rates

Decreasing the time between interview and offer increase acceptance rates as the candidate has less time to reconsider other options.

At this point, we are pretty sure that you would like to know about how to speed your hiring process without damaging the quality. Here we explain to you how to speed your hiring process.

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