February 2nd, 2021

Are you challenged at your job?

There is an undoubted correlation between growth and challenge, and overall levels of employee engagement. We are not discovering America with this post! If you are challenged at your job, you will grow and automatically you will be engaged at work. But… Are you challenged at your job? Or, are you challenged enough at your job?

Employees need a challenge. It is part of the human being: the desire to succeed. Unfortunately, managers are not always at the level to challenge the team and, as an employee, you will need to challenge yourself to grow. If you don’t feel any challenge at your workplace, if your manager doesn’t provide you with new opportunities to grow, it is time to challenge yourself. Here some ways:

– Update your skills

This is the beginning of your challenges: learning. Update your skill set with courses, seminars & workshops. Do not focus only on developing your current skills, learning new skills or developing new skills not relevant to your current job would help you to be challenged as well.

Gaining new skills will help you to be inspired and confident to volunteer yourself in the company or to find a new professional challenge outside.

– Work with a different team

New colleagues, a different department or a team can challenge yourself very quickly. New information, different points of view and energy can bring you new learnings and challenges.

Ask your supervisor to be involved in a different project or that you would like to learn more about any specific department.

– Volunteer yourself

Believe it or not, managers are not always aware of your aspirations. For this reason, it is key that you take ownership for your career path and move beyond. Get information about initiatives and programmes in place in your company. Do not limit yourself to your manager, open your mind and be ready for new adventures.

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