February 2nd, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Need An Emiratisation Market Report

An independent, comprehensive and market specific salary report is a key element in your compensation and benefits strategy, helping you to plan ahead to ensure you attract and retain the best UAE National talent in the market. Mark Williams is proud to have created the UAE’s first of its kind Emiratisation report, focusing solely on the UAE market conditions and salary levels associated with hiring UAE Nationals. Understanding market trends and employing and retaining great UAE National talent will give your company the competitive edge needed to not only survive – but thrive.

Here are 5 reasons why our report will benefit your company:

1. Retain A Competitive Edge

The UAE is an ever evolving and competitive marketplace, with employers across all sectors implementing long-term Emiratisation plans. There is clear competition to attract the top UAE National talent whilst still maximising often marginalised budgets. Our report allows you to obtain a clear comparison of your current remuneration scheme to that of your industry competitors; and identify your strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity. This valuable information will assist you to attract and retain the best talent in the UAE National market.

2. Protect Your Greatest Asset

Your employees are your organisation’s greatest asset and how you compensate them will greatly impact your overall market performance. Variations in remuneration packages are frequently being cited as the difference between retaining or losing a UAE National employee. While you will never be able to completely eliminate employee turnover, holding the knowledge of current salary levels for UAE Nationals will allow you to create the competitive remuneration package that is so vital in this current climate.

3. Set Strategies for Success

UAE market specific data allows organisations to confidently make informed business decisions that will positively affect your bottom line. Our report provides a relevant basis for you to understand the UAE market and successfully manage your Emiratisation hiring, rather than being dictated to by the market. Our market trend insights enable you to react proactively to attract the most in demand skills and ensure adherence with Emiratisation quota requirements.

4. Create a Culture of Transparency & Consistency

A clear and consistent remuneration strategy fosters a positive work culture. Our report provides both you and your UAE National employees with a transparent source of information, putting weight behind your remuneration decisions.

5. Gain Specialist Knowledge

Having access to Emiratisation specific salary data enables you to create a competitive UAE National remuneration plan and allows you to react quickly when you are in a position to expand your team. Mark William’s salary guide is the only report in the UAE that specifically gives you data on Emiratisation hiring, rather than including generalist expat salary packages. You can download your free copy here.

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Shreeja Sangaraju
Shreeja Sangaraju
3 years ago

How can I download a copy of this report ? Thanks Shreeja