To manage design, develop, implement and ongoing maintenance of the organization’s digital (computer related) presence through websites as well as existing and new online products and services. The role also entails the development and management of digital channels for internal and external communications with various stakeholders and audiences.

1. Initiate, design, manage development, and oversee maintenance of the corporate websites of Organization, and its subsidiaries to maintain the organization’s digital presence on the internet in line with the strategic vision, mission and business plan.
2. Design and develop digital products, services and systems to enhance lead generation through websites. Oversee implementation of these products to enhance communication with leads and potential customers, as well as existing customers of the group.
3. Initiate, design, manage development, and oversee maintenance of digital products and services that add value to and help the company customers network among themselves and enhance their business.
4. Manage the creation, adaption, improvement and optimization of SEO and organic and keyword searches as well as help with the implementation of Search Engine Marketing and digital campaigns in collaboration with any appointed digital marketing agencies.
5. Design and develop digital products, services and systems to help enhance workflows within the organization.
6. Develop strategic plans, and manage their development and implementation for revenue generation for the organization.
7. Ensure that all websites are error-free, online, and accessible with 99.9% uptime, and all content and information on the websites is up to date.
8. Maintain regular contacts with senior management of all internal stakeholders to ensure their digital communication requirements are being met.
9. Monitor the implementation of systems and services to review analytics on website usage and determine tweaks and enhancements necessary, carry out these enhancements in line with user behavior following discussions and approvals with the head of department.
10. Ensure that all digital products and services are in line with the organization’s branding guidelines.
11. Act as liaison between the organizations’ IT departments and the Communications department for digital products and services and websites to ensure smooth working between these departments.
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