Managing full project cycle of planning, designing, execution and evaluation of company, and other business unit's events / exhibitions. Develop full year event plans & budgets and direct the team to deliver events to meet and exceed the organizational goals and objectives.

1. In conjunction with the Marketing Plan, investigate opportunities related to business events, develop an Event Management strategy that is aligned with the brand's business strategy and leads its execution then create the yearly events calendar which would provide maximum exposure to the brand and organization and return of investment (ROI).
2. Develop and manage events department annual budgets, develop strategies and timelines to achieve goals, and ensure that set goals are reached and expenses are allocated appropriately.
3. Responsible for directing, developing, mentoring and coaching staff and inspiring and motivating individual and team performance to achieve and exceed goals including performance goals, budget, team achievements, etc.
4. Identifying the developmental needs of team members and helping them to improve their knowledge and skills. Identify key drivers of business success and keep team focused on the critical few to achieve results.
5, Set monthly, quarterly and yearly objectives for the events department and ensure that these objectives are aligned with the overall departmental / organizational objectives/KPIs and strategy.
6 Managing all the events / exhibitions (around 50) company and other business units. Ensuring we reach out to the full range of target audience including shareholder, stakeholders, customers, partners, associates and employees.
7 Research and analyze new venues, new event management companies, technologies related to events and pricing to develop working relationships and establish service agreements to enhance the event experience and to increase ROI. Encourages calculated risk-taking to generate incremental revenue and deliver excellent service.
8. Manage event management agencies / agencies/ vendors / suppliers and take lead in negotiation stages ensuring the financial goal of the department is met and maintained with every project delivered with the highest quality of execution.
9. Directly communicate with C— Level Executives within the company’s UAE Region & Head Office and other business units to meet organizational goals and objectives through meetings events and represent the events department and attend all external events.
10. Research and explore new business opportunities through sponsorship and develop means to improve profit, including estimating cost / benefit and establish prices and sponsorship agreements to enhance the event experience, brand exposure and to increase ROI.
11. Making decisions and solving problems by analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems. Works with direct reports to review scheduled events and troubleshoot potential challenges/conflicts.
12. Conceptualize and develop events theme and overall experience based on intellectual experience and provide the high level idea of the brief for each event along with ideas for designs and drawing out the management's expectations in a clear manner.
13. Evaluate success of strategies related to each event executed and modify as necessary by implementing the project life cycle starting from planning, designing, execution and evaluation. overlook the post event report which includes the satisfaction rates, pros & cons and overall experience for each event to elevate the upcoming event standards.
14. Create weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly achievement report for the C- Level Executives to be aligned with the events department targets and overall organizational plans.
15. Develop events department policies, work procedure and processes to ensure events are aligned with the set standards.

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