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Always striving to provide the most up-to-date and insightful information to the industry, this year our market survey saw us interviewing over 1000 individual participants and a little over 50 companies. Their thorough feedback has helped us paint an accurate picture of the current market, ensuring we are all able to better plan for tomorrow.

The six specialisms covered are: banking and finance, financial services, marketing, human resources, technology and strategy.

Key insights


  • Only 11.6% of Emirati government employees received a pay increase in 2021, while 16% of those working in the private sector received a boost.
  • 48% and 39% of the UAE Nationals and expats expect a salary increase in 2022
  • The main reason of a salary increase on 2021 has been performance

Career Progression:

  • An average of 63.75% of all those interviewed were unhappy with their current career progression
  • An average of 63.75% of all those interviewed were unhappy with their current career progression
  • The most important factors when considering a job were education for children, annual bonuses, and long service benefits.
  • While 42.5% of UAE nationals believe the hardest thing about finding a new job is working out contract conditions, an impressive 60% of expats put it down to the difficulty in finding the right company

Work-life balance:

  • An average of 70.5% of those interviewed said they have missed an important personal event due to work commitments
  • 71% of the government employees agree that the UAE government takes initiatives to manage the work life of its employees compared to 39% in the private sector

Diversity & Inclusion

  • 43% of the UAE nationals aren’t able to communicate concerns safely within their organization or entity
  • 56% of the UAE nationals think their government entities’ executive team is not diverse
  • 50% of the Expats working in UAE government entities don’t feel comfortable talking about their social and cultural background in the workplace

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