What is Emiratisation?

What is Emiratisation?

As per the official portal of the UAE Government, the Emiratisation (Tawteen in Arabic) campaign mandates the inclusion of Emiratis in the job sector, particularly in the private sector. Emiratisation aims to increase the number of Emiratis in the job market and their contribution to the economy.

It affects both the public and private sector. Private companies with more than 100 employees are obligated to meet a UAE National quota and key industries such as banking & insurance need to follow a UAE National point system.

In addition, according to UAE labor law, nationals should be given priority over non-nationals in all public and private sector organization. This means that the Ministry of Labour in the UAE does not allow companies to recruit any foreign workers if the records show that there are unemployed nationals who can fulfill the requirements of those organizations.

Several government initiatives have been taking place during the past few years to promote the Emiratisation program within the country. These initiatives include Tawteen UAE and ENDP.

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