Tips to contact recruiters

Tips to contact recruiters

RECRUITMENTTIP How to Contact Recruiters or Hiring Managers

Contacting recruiters can sometimes seem like a confusing or intimidating process. Below are three tips to help make your recruitment journey smoother and more straightforward.

Tip 1: Make sure you do your research on the recruitment company you’re going to be approaching

Recruitment agencies tend to specialise in a handful of specific career fields, such as banking, HR, or IT. By specialising in particular areas, they are able to deepen their connections within the industry. This is beneficial to candidates because it allows the agency to offer them reliable and accurate insight into what certain companies look for in a candidate.

However, because of this, not every recruitment agency will be a good fit for you. After you have evaluated industries that you are interested in, scan your interests against the industries the recruitment agency specialises in.

A recruitment company’s website is a good indicator of their area of expertise. You can get an even clearer picture of their specialisations by looking at the vacancies page found on most recruitment websites. If, for example, all the jobs posted on the recruitment website are for marketing managers, it is unlikely that they can help you find a job as a mechanical engineer.

If you are unsure of whether a recruitment company can help you achieve your career goals, you can simply call and ask what fields they focus on.

Tip 2: Do your research on the recruiter you’re going to be speaking with

If a recruitment company specialises in multiple industries, it is likely that they will have individual recruiters within the company dedicated to each industry. LinkedIn is your best friend to research specific recruiters!

Using LinkedIn, you can learn how long the recruiter has been working at the company and what his or her achievements have been. If you’re extra lucky, you might even find some recommendations from candidates that your recruiter has successfully placed.

Your research may help assure you that the recruiter you’re going to speak with is well-suited for your professional goals. Additionally, it may help you compile a list of questions, such as the ones discussed in tip 3.

Tip 3: Ask questions and be prepared

If you were unable to find out which industry the recruiter you’re speaking to specialises in, it’s not too late! It is completely appropriate to clarify this when speaking to the recruiter.

You can also ask them what jobs they have filled to get a better understanding of the market and the jobs that are in demand. Be honest and upfront about the types of you want so that your recruiter can let you know you if they can help you.

It can get easy to digress during your conversation, so it can be useful to prepare a brief script about your career goals, priorities, and experiences to make sure your recruiter has an accurate understanding of which jobs are best matched to your qualifications and interests.

It is likely that your recruiter will ask you for information such as your GPA (if you’re an early-career candidate) or your work experience and having this information on hand will make your conversation smoother and save you both some time.

Hopefully, if you follow these three tips, you will improve your recruitment success. Good luck!

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