#RECRUITMENTEXPERIENCE Your first candidate interview

#RECRUITMENTEXPERIENCE Your first candidate interview

'The first time' is always memorable, from the first time that you ride a bike to the first day at your very first job. You always remember anecdotes & stories related. For this reason, we want to share with you our 'from the other side of the table' where two of our Senior Consultants have shared with us their first candidate experience.

Do you remember your first interview? Do you remember your interviewer? If yes, please share your experience with us! We want to know more about it!


**My first candidate meeting was six years ago now. I remember been so excited and quite nervous to meet this guy for the first time. He was a fresh graduate from American University of Dubai and he had a super high GPA.

I'd just started working at Mark Williams so I was on the Banking & Finance desk and I was just so eager to speak him about graduate programs and banks and where he wants to work. A long story short but we did get him placed eventually.

The great thing is we are still in touch as friends today. Even 6 years down the line.We are still speaking & still doing well.**


*I've been teaching the methodology about meeting candidates for two years before I met my first candidate. And there, I’d actually understood the importance of meeting people before introducing them to clients.

And basically I was really chuffed about my candidate meeting. I went into the office and told everybody about my amazing candidate. They started asking questions... I missed a couple of important things but it was a great learning curve. It was fun but over the time, obviously, got better.*

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