#RECRUITMENTEXPERIENCE a recruitment anecdote

#RECRUITMENTEXPERIENCE a recruitment anecdote

As a recruiter, you are dealing with a lot of people. You are interviewing candidates everyday and meeting clients frequently. It is an exciting job where anecdotes happen normally.

Dean Wall, our Senior Banking & Finance Practice Manager, has shared with us one of his anecdotes at Mark Williams.


Quite a memorable one for me, probably, three years ago now. I was helping a candidate who was interviewing. He drove and parked his car on the interview day outside of the Head Office of the Bank.

The interview, obviously, went very well. He was probably there like an hour and a half. I got a call from him after the interview so, i think, great I want to hear his feedback.

He said: Dean, I've been so long that my car has been towed away. So, he was upset and at the same time he was quite happy. It was a very funny ending. He did get the job so, thankfully, it was all good.

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