MEET OUR TEAM: Bryony Rowlands

MEET OUR TEAM: Bryony Rowlands

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Bryony Rowlands
Director – Technology Practice
t: +971 (0)4447 1785/ +44 (0)79 692 89076

In what areas are you specialised?


Why recruitment?

I have worked in IT recruitment for just over 19 years. It wasn’t something I intentionally went to do but got offered a job at 21 by someone who saw potential and excelled and really love the challenge and meeting new people.

Tell us about your background:

Brought up in the Beautiful Shropshire country side in the UK, I was lucky enough to get the grades to got to Oxford University and study a degree in Theology (a subject that was so fascinating it still helps me in everyday situations today) before starting my recruitment career. Having travelled the world visiting over 39 countries and having worked in Australia and Dubai in Recruitment I am now settled with 2 young children in the UK managing the IT business for the UAE. A keen singer I was until recently in a band called “under the covers”. I am undertaking an amateur boxing challenge at present which has been an amazing experience and I hope to do many fights moving forward. In my “spare” time I also self-study as I like to keep aware of new IT topics and areas of progression, so I can better help my audience.

What inspires you?

It must be my children. To watch them grow and develop has really pushed me to not only try harder to succeed and do the best that I can do, but to also figure a way to have a perfect work life balance. I work to provide them the childhood I had. I live to see them smile and develop into such wonderful human beings. Kindness to others is the biggest lesson you can ever teach to your children.

Someone that you admire

The main person in my life who I admire wholeheartedly without any doubt is my father who sadly passed away a few years ago. He was a hardworking man who always put family first yet sacrificed so much of his own time to make sure we were happy, healthy and yet still challenged. He taught me the value of money, he taught me if we work hard we get to enjoy the fruits of our labour, nothing comes from nothing. And he taught me more importantly above anything else respect, for myself and for others. A lesson I share with all I meet.

Favourite colour


Your personal motto

Life is what you make it!

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