It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…. to Job Hunt

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…. to Job Hunt

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…. to Job Hunt

Many people will tell you that December is the worst time of year to search for a new job: it’s peak annual leave season, companies have exhausted their hiring budget and are only focusing on setting next year’s budgets. But don’t be put off by these negative assumptions, here are the reasons why December could actually be the ideal time to start your job hunt….

Use it or Lose it

A “use it or lose it” policy means that companies must either fill vacant positions by 31st December or lose the budget for these employees. The hiring managers in these organisations will feel under pressure to meet their year-end objectives and will be determined to quickly fill all their open vacancies.

Bonus’ Bring Resignations

Job vacancies will often arise in December in companies that offer a year-end bonus, as employees will be more likely to hold off resigning until they have received their bonus.

Budgets Are Already Approved

Many companies will have finalised their hiring needs for the year ahead, signed off their staffing budget and already have open vacancies. These employers will be keen to be ahead of the game and will have already started their search for candidates.

Less Competition

Most people will want to take time off in December to enjoy the holidays or spend time with family, and this means they are not focused on their job search. Recruiters typically see a decline in applications over December, making it easier for you to stand out and giving you a better chance of securing the job.

More Networking Opportunities

December provides the perfect networking opportunities, there are so many social and business events. These events are a wonderful chance to connect with people who can help you with your job search. Get out there and make the most of the holiday party season, you never know where a conversation may lead you!

Holiday Cheer

The holiday season puts people in a happy and therefore more approachable mood. Reaching out to people while they are in a positive mindset increases your chances of making a good impression. Sending a holiday greeting can also be a great way to introduce yourself to someone you dream of working for or to thank a hiring manager after an interview.

Whilst it can be easy to say that you will put your job search to one side for the holidays, don’t allow yourself to miss out on the great opportunities that are out there. Remaining visible during December, when your competition has taken their foot off the pedal, could mean you secure the position you’ve been dreaming of all year!

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