Recruiting the right people is getting harder and harder. Hiring new team members is not just about a good resume, companies are looking for the most passionate, committed and devoted individuals. How can this happen?

Our Managing Director, Christopher Cornwall explains us how to avoid bad hiring decisions and recruit the right people in 5 steps:

1: Create an enticing job description

Every day we receive generic job descriptions that give little information about the role leaving candidates confused about the position they’re applying for. With a small amount of effort, you can create an attractive, well-structured role overview that will leave a lasting (good!) impression of your company.

2: Meet with the line manager

Possibly the most important part of a successful search process! A detailed meeting with the hiring manager will enable the HR professional to understand the department, technical nuances of their unique role, where to look and which candidates to introduce, saving everyone’s time. Ignore this step at your peril!

3: Only introduce committed candidates

Working with committed candidates is essential to success. Get this right and the process feels almost easy. My advice; use your gut instinct – it’s normally a very good barometer. If something ‘feels’ wrong, it normally is.

4: Ensure continuity

Best recruitment practice follows a logical interview process within a sensible time-frame. A swift process will engage candidates and ensure they’re committed to joining your firm.

5: Use a specialist recruiter

Only ever engage with a specialist search firm. They will have the knowledge, reach and ability to market-map the correct candidates for your team.

At Mark Williams, we can help you to bring the most talented professionals at your organisation. Contact our team for more info.

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