2020 Emiratisation Market Report & Salary Guide

2020 Emiratisation Market Report & Salary Guide

An independent, comprehensive and market specific salary report is a key element in your manpower planning and compensation strategy, helping you to plan ahead to ensure you attract and retain the best UAE National talent in the market. Mark Williams Recruitment, the UAEs leading emiratisation agency, has surveyed over 200 leading UAE organisations to create the regions only Emiratisation report.

The UAE government has set mandated emiratisation targets to provide 20, 000 job opportunities for Emiratis in strategic sectors over the next three years. Our market study shows that 76% of UAE organisations surveyed are looking to increase their Emirati headcount. Understanding market trends to attract and retain the top UAE National talent will give your company the competitive edge needed to not only to meet the emiratisation mandate – but thrive as a result of this influx of new talent.

The Mark Williams Emiratisation Market Report provides specific data that allows organisations to confidently make informed business decisions that will positively affect their bottom line. 84.8% f organisations surveyed expect to face challenges in hiring UAE Nationals in 2020. Our report provides a relevant basis for you to understand the UAE market and successfully manage your Emiratisation hiring, rather than being dictated to by the market. Our market trend insights enable you to react proactively to attract the most in demand skills and ensure adherence with Emiratisation quota requirements.

According to 42% of companies surveyed, meeting salary expectations will be the main challenge faced in Emirati hiring in 2020. There is clear competition to attract the top UAE National talent whilst still maximising often marginalised budgets or adhering to newly normalized salary scales. Our report allows you to obtain a clear comparison of your current remuneration scheme to that of your industry competitors and the market average.

A key trend highlighted through our research is that retention and training should be considered of equal importance as the recruitment of Emirati’s in the workplace, rather than just looking to fill a quota. 86% of employees rank learning and development as a primary concern, and therefore the focus for 2020 should be on developing UAE National employees with the aim of long-term growth and retaining top talent. The UAE government has placed gender equality at the forefront of its vision for the future, with the aim of becoming one of the world’s top 25 countries for gender equality by 2021. Emirati women are increasingly taking leadership roles that contribute towards the socio-economic development of the nation. 2020 will see further demand for the hiring Emirati of women into senior positions across government, semi-government and private companies.

With the long-anticipated Expo 2020 beginning in October, UAE business sentiment has increased with 71% of companies surveyed believing in the positive economic impact, growth and new opportunities that Expo 2020 will bring. The strong investment in accelerating the strategic and operational abilities of UAE National workforce, and the chance to gain international exposure, has led to an upskilled Emirati workforce. Having access to Emiratisation specific salary data enables you to create a competitive UAE National remuneration plan and allows you to react quickly when want to expand your team. Mark William’s market report is the only report in the UAE that specifically gives you data on Emiratisation hiring, rather than including generalist expat salary packages. You can download your free copy here .

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